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How to maintain the beverage filling machine to prolong its service life?

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Why do can beverage filling machine play an important role in the food industry? What are the characteristics of beverage filling machine? How to use the beverage filling machine can extend its service life?

l What are the technical characteristics of beverage filling machine

l What are the characteristics of carbonated soft drink machine?

l How to maintain the beverage filling machine?

What are the technical characteristics of beverage filling machine?

1. For the automatic beverage filling machine, the direct connection technology is used between the air conveying and the cylinder supply; No delivery screw and transport chain. Changing the shape of the bottle is easy.

2. Bottleneck retention technology is used to transport bottles. By changing the shape of the bottle, the user only needs to replace the star wheel, arc guide plate, and other nylon parts that correspond to the diameter of the bottle.

3. The machine is three in one, set cleaning, filling and capping in one, bottle wear rate is low, transportation is accurate and stable, the most convenient bottle changing.

4. Specially designed bottle washer bottle clamps are made of stainless steel, durable and stable. In addition, do not contact with the screw part of the bottle mouth, so as to avoid secondary pollution.

5. The beverage filling machine adopts the high speed constant pressure filling mass flow valve design to ensure the high filling speed, accurate liquid level and no loss.

6. The bottle star wheel and the bottle bottom support plate are spiral wound, so it is not necessary to adjust the height of the bottle chain by changing the shape of the bottle.

What are the characteristics of carbonated soft drink machine?

1. With the help of high-speed lines, the bottles are easily transferred. This also makes the job easier because the bottles vary in size. Please check the high speed lines before buying.

2. One of the advantages of stainless steel material is that it can prevent pollution, and it is not easy to rust, because steel is made of high quality products.

3. An air conveyor helps hold the bottle in place. It also helps drain excess liquid from the bottle and also helps prevent contamination of the contents.

4. Filling valves speed up the filling and quantification process. One of its main advantages is that it saves time. More can be produced in a short time.

How to maintain the beverage filling machine?

1. Keep the whole machine dry, regularly maintain and check, regularly clean all parts of the irrigation machine, such as the filter and water storage cup air and water separator, filter core must be put mineral oil, and then blow with compressed air

2. Always check that the oil mist in the beverage filling machine is kept at one third of the cup, and the piston on the feed of the soft drink filling machine and the seal ring at the bottom of the discharge cylinder are worn and replaced in time

3. Clean beverage filling machine, avoid sharp, hard objects scratch machine. In case of contamination, wipe with alcohol; Keep the stainless steel body clean, equipment one-way valve, stainless steel tee, cylinder must be often removed.

4. Follow the instructions strictly. Do not disassemble important parts at will, so as not to affect the filling accuracy. Do not open or add any lubricating oil if the cylinder has been lubricated at the time of delivery;

A good maintenance of beverage filling machine can save more costs and bring more benefits for the enterprise. If you are looking for a supplier of high quality beverage filling machine at a reasonable price , the Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery Co , LTD is a very good choice.

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