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Why do people need water treatment systems

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What is a drinking water production line? Why do people need water treatment systems? How do we choose our water treatment systems?

l What is the water treatment system?

l What are the advantages of a water treatment system?

l How to choose a water treatment system?

What is the water treatment system?

The drinking water production line is used for bottled water such as purified water and mineral water, as well as water for food and beverage production. It is mainly composed of the following equipment: pretreatment system (water tank, multi-medium filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, microporous filter), membrane separation system (ultrafiltration, nano filtration, RO system), electrodialysis device, sterilization system (UV device, ozone device), product water tank, etc.

What are the advantages of a water treatment system?

1. drinking water production line material production line can provide excellent, stable and reliable filling production line for the manufacturing industry

2. Reduce material waste and save cost in mass production;

3. According to the production process programming control, high production efficiency;

4. The production process is less polluting to the environment.

How to choose a water treatment system?

1. You must identify the products that are being filled in the beverage line you are going to buy. Some manufacturers have a wide range of products. When buying a beverage line, they want a single filling machine that can pack all their varieties. In fact, special machines often produce better filling results than compatible machines. This is for reference only, you can coordinate with the manufacturer. In addition, the filling range is different, the price is different. The machine will fill as much as possible if the products with large gaps in the filling range are separated.

2. High cost performance is the first principle. At present, the quality of domestic beverage production line has been greatly improved than before, and keep pace with imported equipment.

3. If there is an on-site inspection, pay attention to both the big aspects and the small details. Details often determine the quality of the whole machine. Bring as many sample testers as possible.

4. Try to choose simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, automatic continuous feeding mechanism, can improve the filling efficiency, reduce labor costs, suitable for the long-term development of enterprises.

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