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How does the bottle packing machine work

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In the modern society where bottled drinks are very popular, whether to have a good running bottle packing machine is the key to the success of beverage manufacturers. What is the function of the juice packing machine? What is the workflow of the bottle packing machine?

  • How does the juice packing machine work?

  • What are the components of the juice packing machine?

  • What are the advantages of beverage packaging machine?

bottle packing machine

How does the juice packing machine work?

1. Empty bottles and cans are rinsed clean

2. The filling machine using the principle of micro pressure filling fills the bottle with juice

3. Bottles with juice are sent to the capping machine on a conveyor belt

4. Use different bottle caps depending on the shape of the bottle

5. There are plastic capsules around the mouth of the bottle to ensure a tight seal

6. Production and expiration dates and other important details are printed with label and coding machines

What are the components of the juice packing machine?

1. First, the rinser can flush any part of the bottle wall. It is simply by connecting the nozzle to the machine. The bottle filling machine has a unique flip bottle clamp that locks the neck of the bottle. With this, contamination of the bottle screws is prevented because the spray nozzle is directly into the bottle for proper rinsing.

2. Bottled juice filling machines make things easier because there is a separate filling for pulp and juice. This also solves the problem of uneven pulp content. Pulp filling has valve structure, responsible for CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization of the inner and outer walls of the valve. Most parts are made of high quality stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance.

3. For the lid of your container, the bottled juice filling machine has a magnetic torque device with dials for adjustment that can adjust the torque to your specifications. The product is produced immediately after the juice is filled to avoid product contamination.

What are the advantages of beverage packaging machine?

1. Since the juice packing machine is fully automatic, it reduces the cost of the operator

2. The operator does not need to be very skilled, making the packaging task simple and quick

3. Safe and reliable packaging, while retaining the original taste

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