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3 to 5 Gallon Pure Water Bottling Filling Machine Production Line

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  • QGF


Product Description

Final Product

water 5 gallon

Production Description


QGF series automatic barreled production line is specially designed for the production of 5 gallon barreled drinking water. Models are (barrel/hour): 150 type, 300 type, 450 type, 600 type, 900 type, 1200J 2000 type. This series of barreled production line consists of three parts: bottle washing, filling and sealing. The bottle washing machine uses multiple washing liquid sprays and disinfectant sprays to achieve the purpose of washing and disinfection, and the disinfectant can be recycled. The sealing machine can automatically seal, and the mouth of the conveying bottle cap is equipped with a shower device to ensure that the bottle cap is aseptic and clean. This series of production lines can automatically wash, disinfect, fill, cap, count and output. It has the characteristics of complete functions, novel design and high degree of automation. It is a new type of drinking water barreled equipment integrating machinery, electricity and gas.

The complete production line includes:
1> 3-5 Gallon PET bottle blow molding machine
2> Water treatment system
3> Automatic de-capping machine
4> Barrel external brushing
5> 5 Gallon Water Filling Machine
6> Automatic barrel Neck Labeling Machine
7> PE Film Wrapping Machine
8> Automatic palletizer
Complete Line Machines Details

主图样式科玛克 750x750

Semi Automatic blowing machine

  • Blow moulding machine 100-250bph, and 3-5Gallon PET bottles are available.

  • It is used to produce the 3-5 gallon water barrel.

  • The man-machine interface is highly automated and easy to operate.

  • The compact machine occupies a smaller area.

water purifier 2

Water Treatment System

  • Pre-treatment system (water tank / multi-medium filter / active carbon filter / ion exchanger / precious filter)

  • Membrane separation system (ultrafilter / nanometer filter / RO reverse osmosis system)

  • Electrodialysis device / Sterilization system (UV device, ozone device) product water tank and so on.

  • Used for pure water, mineral water and other bottled water,water for food and beverage production.

主图样式科玛克 750x750_1

Automatic De-capping Machine

  • Automatic cap remover machine is used to remove 5 gallon bottle cap ,easy operation and maintenance.

  • Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintenance.

  • SUS stainless steel 304 material frame.

out brush

Barrel outside Brushing

  • Automatic barrel outer brushing machine specially work with 5 Gallon barreled water producing line.

  • It is used for reducing the settling caused by the mineral water itself and some algae substances in the process of mineral water producing.

  • The machine is made of excellent stainless steel with the advantage of easily-rinsing and corruption-resistance.


5 Gallon Water Filling Machine

  • Water filling machine is used for barrel water, 3-5 Gallon barrel PET/PC bottles are available.

  • Water filling line can apply to fill natural spring water, purified water into PET bottle by changing few spare parts.

  • Automatic water filling machine adopts rinsing, filling and capping 3-in-1 technology, PLC control, touch screen. It is mainly made of SUS304/ SUS316.

  • Pivotal electrical parts adopt Mitsubishi, OMRON, and SIEMENS for water filling production line.

  • The whole production filling line accuracy is more or less than 1%.

bottle cap shrink sleeve_1

Automatic Barrel Neck Labeling Machine

  • The shrinking machine is equipped with an adjustable temperature controller, which has uniform heat shrinkage, stable operation and low failure rate.

  • The matching conveyor chain of the heat shrinking machine can adjust the linear speed steplessly or adapt to different speeds to achieve the best heat shrinking effect.

5 gallon sticker label (1)

Automatic single side sticker labeling machine

  • Automatic fault stop function ,production technology, saving power production, number setting prompt parameter setting and convenient production management.

  • Human-computer interaction interface with operation teaching function, parameter modification intuitionistic clear, various functions switching simple.

  • Good operation performance,excellent labeling effect, customer can rest assured to use.

  • Smart control for label and bottle detecting to avoid waste of labels.

5 gallon pe film wrapping

PE Film Wrapping Machine

  • Compact &artistic shape. The frame is novel, unique.

  • Electronic induction feeding film, action is balanced and quickly replacing film.

  • Isothermal sealing cutter .The seal intensity is above cooling sealing cutter 3 times, the seal is even and the life is above cooling sealing cutter 80 times.

Company profile

Zhangjiagang Comark Packaging Machinery Co.,ltd

Zhangjiagang Comark Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone on the Bank of the Yangtze River. It has an international standard plant of 20000 square meters. It is an enterprise specializing in the R & D and production of beverage packaging machinery.Our team has more than 20 professional technical R & D personnel, 2 doctors of food science and technology, 5 masters and 15 senior professional engineers. This provides a favorable guarantee for the stable operation of the machine with high output. Our company's equipment is of high quality and can operate stably.We have more than 15 years of packaging experience. We understand market supply and demand and can provide market analysis, project budget, equipment and technology configuration, machines installation and operator training, etc. We always provide turnkey solutions and related services.

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  • What's your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?

    We offer you high quality machines with 2 years guarantee . we will give u spare part free in 2 years.
  • Do you have a CE certificate?

    For every model of machine, it has a CE /ISO/BV certificate and so on.
  • How can I know your machine is designed for my product?

    You can send us samples of your product and we test it on machine.
  • How can I know your machine is designed for my product?

    Before delivery, we shall test the machine working condition for you. You can come to China.Check it!
  • How can I know your machine works well?

    Before delivery, we shall test the machine working condition for you. You can come to China.Check it!
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